Ellis Brokerage Philosophy

Ellis 36 Lobsteryacht - $175,000

Ellis 36 Lobsteryacht – $175,000

Our philosophy with this new brokerage website is to create a resource for all Ellis boat customers – those interested in selling an Ellis and those who are looking to purchase an Ellis. If you would like help with the process of selling/buying an Ellis, simply contact us.

Ellis 36 Flybridge - $275,000

Ellis 36 Flybridge – $275,000

We offer complete brokerage services, yet we are also comfortable with other brokerage arrangements. Some of our boats on this website are listed with other brokers, and we are okay with you using their services instead of ours. In the end, we would like to have as many happy Ellis boat owners as possible – that is worth more than any commission.

Ellis 28 Extended Top - $79,500

Ellis 28 Extended Top – $79,500

In this post, we have highlighted a few of the Ellis Boats that are currently available. There are Ellis 24s, 28s, and 36s… Open Boats, Express Cruisers, Lobster Yachts, and Flybridge Cruisers… a variety of Downeast Ellis boats! Enjoy!


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